6 Days away from the PCA Welsh Championships 😳


So the first of many blogs from myself (Yanik, CEO of TPN) and our incredible athletes. 

What better way to kick things off than with a little peak week blog? 

So for those who don’t know peak week is the final week in the lead up to a bodybuilding show. It’s the week where you make the finishing touches to enhance your physique and ensure you turn up shredded, dry and full on show day!

This prep has been interesting, I changed coaches around 13 weeks out and it was a decision that has led me to producing my best look EVER. Now I’m a bag of nerves hoping it all comes together this Sunday 😂 I have literally used 8 caps of Athena every evening to calm me down 😆 

My plan is to update you guys into this show with some changes we make to the plan and how it’s effecting my look.

Yesterday was a training day and I hit some light lower body (ensuring we didn’t inflame legs) and some shoulders. All training is very much pump focussed here which for me is hard as I feel like a caged animal 😂.

Food was 350C, 120P, 10F. This should now start to creep up through the week to fill up before we dry out on Saturday evening. 

Steps were 14k yesterday and cardio at 0 so it’s safe to say we are in a good spot here! 

I am excited, nervous but focussed. 

Keep following to stay up to date with the whole weeks events!